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Download Winstar W38 Official USB Drivers

Download Winstar W38 Official USB Drivers

How To Install and Download Winstar W38 Official USB Drivers with an easy installation guide. Winstar W38 USB Driver is an important part of all Winstar W38 Smartphones which enable you to easily connect your Winstar W38 Android device with the PC or laptop.

There are 3 usb drivers available for your Winstar W38 device. Two is for Flashing the Stock Firmware and last is for normal connecting the device to the computer

Download Winstar W38 Official CDC USB Driver For Flashing Firmware

Download CDC Driver

Download Winstar W38 Official VCOM USB Driver For Flashing Firmware

Download VCOM Driver

How to manually install Android CDC and MediaTek VCom Driver

Download Winstar W38 Official ADB USB Driver For Normal Connecting

Download ADB Driver

How to Install (video)

What is a Winstar W38 USB Driver?

Winstar W38 USB Driver is an important part for all android devices which allows you to easily connect Winstar W38 device or tablet through the personal computer or laptop. In other words, it is a group of more than one files or program which create a bridge between your Winstar W38 devices and the personal computer to communicate and sharing the files between each other. After properly connecting your Winstar W38 device with the personal computer via USB driver. You will be able to do many more important things.

How to install Winstar W38 USB and ADB driver?


1. Extract Winstar W38 Android USB Driver on your Windows Computer.

2. Now, Open Device Manager on your Computer (to open device manager > Press Win + R to launch Run Command > In Run Command Window type devmgmt.msc and Hit OK Button).

3. Once Device Manager is Launched, Click on your Computer Name.

4. Now, Click on Action menu and Select Add Legacy Hardware.

5. In the Add Hardware Wizard, Click on Next Button.

6. Now, Select Install the Hardware that I manually Select from a list (advanced)and Click on NextButton.

7. Now, under common hardware types > select on show all devices and click NextButton.

8. Now, Click on Have Disk Button > Locate the Winstar W38 Android Driver (CDC Android_Driver OR Android_VCOM_Driver) on your Computer.

9. Once your driver is listed in the blank area, click on Next to continue.

10. Now, Again Click on Next Button.

11. Now, you will be able to see Windows Security Dialog Box. Under Windows Security Dialog Box, Select Install this driver software anyway.
Now, device manager will install the Android driver on your computer (may take 1-2 minutes only).

Download Winstar W38 Official USB Drivers
Download Winstar W38 Official USB Drivers

12. Now, Click on Finish button to close the Add Hardware Wizard.

13. Below you can see the Winstar W38 Android driver is installed and listed in the device manager.

So this was our guide on How to install Android CDC Driver Manually, I hope the methods given above helped you in installing Android CDC Driver.

How to Install Winstar W38 ADB and Fastboot Drivers:

1: Download the 15 Seconds ADB installer on your PC. If it is in .zip archive then extract it to obtain .exe file.

2: Right-click on the file and Run as administrator.

3: It should ask, whether you want to install ADB and Fastboot Driver on PC. Enter “Y” and hit Enter key.

4: Now it should ask whether you want to install ADB system-wide. Enter “Y” and hit Enter.

5: It should ask whether you want to install Winstar W38 device drivers. Enter “Y” and hit Enter.

6: Follow the on-screen instructions.

7: Done.

Winstar W38 usb Driver Signature Error:

If you got Driver Signature Error While installing Winstar W38 Driver then See this Video to fix this problem.

If you are trying to flash stock firmware on your device then download CDC and VCOM Driver Only. ADB Driver will not work for flashing the stock firmware.

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